What People Say About Studying with Gail

 The class was fun!  Gail is fun!  I looked forward to every class because of her enthusiasm and readiness to laugh.

- Paula (Lifelong Learner)

Gail is a true subject matter expert when it comes to Stephen Sondheim.  Her deep knowledge of and appreciation for the art and science of Sondheim is remarkable.  Gail brings a creative inclusive approach to each of our  sessions, which she supplements with her experience as an educator, and performer.

- Steven (Peer Learner)

Gail's course showed me the value of looking at all components [lyrics, music, libretto] individually and in concert and their relationship to completing the puzzle that represents the final product

- Bruce L. (Lifelong Study Group Participant)

Gail presents her wide ranging knowledge of Sondheim in an engaging and highly entertaining fashion. Her ability to communicate and to hear what others have to say makes her sessions especially profitable for participants.

- Eli (Webinar Participant)

 As I am new to the Sondheim realm, Gail provided me with excellent examples, insights and  anecdotes into Sondheim's works. She created a great camaraderie within the group and made it easy for us to ask questions and share opinions.

Two thumbs up for Gail's course!

- Karen (Webinar Participant)

Gail has a real gift as a teacher: She can disagree with someone's observation and yet recognize that their perspective is defensible and intelligent.

- Bruce M. (Lifelong Study Group Participant)

Gail's Sondheim sessions are a must for anyone who loves Sondheim's works.  You'll certainly gain insight and knowledge, but mostly have fun listening to and discussing your favorite musicals with other Sondheim fanatics!

- Pam (Webinar Participant)

Gail is the perfect person to talk about Stephen Sondheim.  She is engaging,adept 

at bringing others into the conversation and highly knowledgeable about her subject. Her presentations are always sprinkled with videos and other visuals that keep them lively and informative. I love her courses and would be the first to sign up for any and all of them.

- Linda (Webinar Participant)